What are Instant Raised Bed Patio Planter’s?

They are an instant raised bed that offers an ideal opportunity for any gardener to create their own patio allotment at an affordable price.

They are easy to assemble and manufactured from tough 180 gsm woven polythene with brass drainage holes around the sides and base.

Product size W1m H25cm L1m Capacity 240L

What crop are they for?

Instant Raised Bed Patio Planters are ideal for growing a range of vegetables, salads, herbs and strawberries. 

What's so special about them?

The Instant Raised Bed Patio Planter provides the ideal growing space for patios and small urban spaces, they make allotments accessible to all without the waiting lists.

We use strong UV stable polyester-bonded thread which lasts for year as opposed to cotton which can rot quickly. The cutting, folding and stitching of Haxnicks planters is carried out to a high standard meaning that the edges and joins are long lasting. The size, position and number of drainage holes gives reliable and controlled drainage which is crucial for the best results. Some competing planters simply do not work as well resulting in poor crops and unhappy gardeners.

They have handles making them easier to move around which have reinforcement patches sewn onto the insides to stop them tearing when lifted. The planters can also be folded flat which makes them easy to store when not in use.

The Instant Raised Bed Patio Planter's also come with a helpful growing guide full of hints and advice to help you get started.

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