Do you have a special gardener in your life? If so, keep reading because Christmas is fast approaching and almost every gardener has a long list of things they wish they had to make their job as a gardener a little easier and more enjoyable.

We have gardening gift ideas to suit every level of garden knowledge. From people who you want to encourage into gardening, to those who are starting their journey, to those who are already experts.

For those of you working on a budget, don’t feel like this post isn’t for you as we have great gift ideas for all.

Beginner Gardener Essential Gift

Sometimes new gardeners like to start small. So lets start with the basics.  Scooping compost out of compost bags can make gardening very messy with it spilling off the trowel so a Bamboo Scoop is a must for any new gardener. This wonderful olive-green compost scoop will make the process simpler and far less messy. Better still, the Bamboo Scoop is made from sustainable bamboo and is  biodegradable and compostable after use. Fill it with some choccies, wrap and you have the perfect secret Santa gift right there! 

Stocking Fillers For Garden Lovers

Soft Tie is a perfect little stocking filler. Soft-Tie's inner core of galvanised steel wire gives it strength, and the outer coating of UV-stabilised rubber compound cushions and protects plant stems. 

It may seem on the tame side as Christmas gifts go but this long-lasting, rot proof, gardening 'must have' will come in useful time and time again.  It is easy to use with just a twist (no need for fiddly knots)) and can be washed and re-used.  It has a hundred other uses that they will discover once they own some. 

Rootrainers are the secret that the gardening trade have been keeping. 

These planting cells give stronger, healthier roots which gives bigger yields for your vegetables and more blooms on your flowers. An essential bit of kit for serious gardeners.  

Environmentally-conscious gardeners who are well into their herb growing, these bamboo Plant markers are a thoughtful and handy present. 

Like the Scoop, the Bamboo Plant Markers are made from sustainable bamboo and are biodegradable and compostable after use.

Another great little stocking filler - Bamboo Widgers and Dibbers are those essential tools that every gardener needs. These are also made from sustainable bamboo and a natural resin. The widger is ideal for pricking out plants and seedlings, while the dibber is crafted to be perfect for planting seeds or bulbs. It can be pressed into or dragged through the earth to create ideal holes or trenches and is marked with a measuring scale on its main stem so that holes and trenches can be made the ideal depth.

Small Presents For Day to Day Gardening

A Herb Wall Planter is another great gift for the gardener that loves to grow their own herbs, it’s a great way to utilise limited growing space and to create a feature on bare walls and fences, or simply to grow fresh herbs within easy reach of the kitchen and out of reach of pests. The perfect present for the man who has everything, Fresh herbs will add flair to their cooking for anyone who fancies themselves as Ottolenghi in the kitchen!  

What could be more Christmassy than bells? Haxnicks Bell Cloches (King Size, Original or Baby) are a popular gift, being aesthetically pleasing AND very practical.

Whether sitting over a prized plant deterring pests, cats, children or keeping out the frost and howling wind, these bells will always make an original and successful present. 

A gardening book will keep giving year after year. Down to Earth is a practical veg growing guide that covers the most common household favourite as well as some less often grown choices.

Beautifully photographed it is as at home on the coffee table as in the potting shed. An ideal present for the novice or the experienced gardener wishing to expand their range. 

BootClamp is a super practical gift that allows you to keep muddy boots outside with no fear of them getting filled with rain or invaded by spiders and mice! Perfect for the Shed proud gardener. They’re also handy for the stressed out parent, carrying and keeping boots together when travelling.

Plant House Gardening Gifts

How about giving the gift of space?

Either the slim, elegant Vigoroot Balcony Garden or the brand new Lightbooster Plant House or Cold Frame? Ideal gifts for those who really want to grow their own fruit, vegetables and flowers but do not have a lot of space. All of these make perfect presents for small gardens, roof terraces, patios and balconies. The perfect gift for the person who is short on space but high on gardening ambition!

There is also the Grower Frame and Cover Combo is system that offers a practical solution for raising and protecting large numbers of taller plants.

It is a fantastic gift that is ideal as a temporary spring greenhouse and shelter for pots and trays, or as a growing and protection cover for larger brassicas and fruit bushes. It serves as a perfect over wintering station for tender patio plants, and for protecting nursery beds.

Expert gardeners love this growing space as it is the ultimate solution to cabbage white butterflies.  It is great for protecting against other pests, weather etc .  Plus it comes in a nice rectangular box - so easy to wrap! 

And last on this list if you’re looking for a luxury present to accompany smaller ones for an avid gardener who already has all the tools, Sunbubble is a great gift idea. It is an instant plant house/conservatory that is easy to use, easy to move and easy to store.

Sunbubble is great for everything from growing your regular tomatoes to useing as an outdoor playroom, or dining room.

Sustainable Gardening Gifts

Above all a gardening gift are money well spent.  They will not be left at the back of a draw or shunted to the charity shop as soon as the tinsel comes down.  Any one of these gardening gift ideas will be used year round, year after year and will certainly be looked on as "one of the best presents I ever had".  

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