What are Fruit Tree Nets?

The Haxnicks Fruit Tree Nets are a simple to use, chemical free way to protect your orchards fruits from pests.

The nets are made from wildlife friendly 1mm mesh in soft green with a sealable opening side and are available in two different sizes:

W 46cm H 56cm D 9cm

W 2m H 2m 

What crop are Fruit Tree Nets Used For?

They can be used to protect any fruit tree from cherry worm, aphids, fruit fly, wasps, birds and other pests and are perfect for cherry, peach, nectarine, apricot, apple and pear trees. Fruit Tree Nets can also protect trees from frost, heavy rain and hail.

What's so special about them?

Fruit Tree Nets can be used to cover any fruit tree and in addition to being organic and wildlife friendly, the nets have an easy to lift over design.

The 1mm mesh size of is large enough to let in moisture and sunlight but protects flowers and fruits from harsh rainfall and hail. It is also small enough to avoid trapping birds, bats and other unsuspecting wildlife. To protect fruit trees, the nets need to be on before the flies emerge in the spring (local commercial orchards may be able to help with the timings!). But it is important to uncover fruit trees once the flowers are set to allow access for pollinating insects.

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