Here are my gardening advice for October. It is that time of year again and if your lawn is being ripped up by birds, foxes or badgers it may well have an infestation of ‘tasty’ chafer grubs beneath. 

You may also see poor grass growth, often looking very yellowed.Chafer grubs are a creamy colour, about 15-40mm long, with a distinct and sizeable brownish head. The adults are beetles and they emerge from lawns and lay eggs which then hatch into the grubs.

For brilliant biological control use the nematodes which are safe for wildlife, pets and humans. They can be used during August, September and October, before the grubs go too deep in to the soil. It is a great and totally safe way to control these pests. It needs to be applied to moist soil, and the soil must be kept moist for the first two weeks.


Weed Control

Weeds have kept on and on growing pretty well everywhere and so just because the main gardening season is coming to an end, don’t think you can rest on your laurels (or celandines or dandelions come to that!) Many weeds are still setting seed and many of these seeds will soon be dispersed and may even germinate this year.

Those seeds that don’t are often capable of resting dormant in the soil until conditions are just right – then they’ll spring into action and start competing with your veg and flowers. So, grab a hoe (for me it’ll be my trusty Speedhoe!) and get hoeing. If you see weeds which are already laden with seeds it is well worth popping a bag over the seed-heads and then snipping them off, straight into the bag, before you hoe – that way there’s less chance of them spreading.


Planting Onion & Garlic Sets

This last ‘summer’ has been so peculiar that, I have to admit, I’ve got seriously behind with some jobs, and that includes planting onion sets and garlic too. If you’re in the same boat, it's not too late. You can join me planting both ASAP this month, there should still be a reasonable number in local garden centres or by mail order.

Once in the ground water in well to settle the sets (mini onion bulbs) or carefully separated garlic cloves. Then I always cover each row with an EasyNet Tunnel to prevent the lovely (but sometimes ever-so-slightly infuriating!) garden birds from hoiking them out of the soil before they have rooted.

I hope you find this gardening advice for October useful.