I am about to harvest my second lot of potatoes - tonight if the rain stays away long enough. And I am planning a frenzy of potato related cookery to celebrate starting with these light and fluffy Potato Scones. Perfect for breakfast with a nice fried egg and some good brown fruity sauce but just as at home served at a dinner party.

Potato Scones

This recipe for Potato Scones is a newish one to me, but a brilliant find. Anything different to do with potatoes is always interesting. My children love these and so do I. Because they are filling I almost feel as if they are a meal in themselves. They are rather smarter than plain ordinary mash, and go really well with either sausages or something special like poached salmon.

Preparation: 10 minutes Cooking time: 25 minutes

Makes: 10 – 12 scones



5 medium sized potatoes 1 tbsp butter 2oz (50g) plain flour Salt and pepper 1 tbsp olive oil



1. Firstly peel, cook and mash the potatoes.

2. Add the butter to the potatoes and mix until melted.

3. Add enough flour to make the mixture pliable like dough.

4. Make up 8cm x 1.5cm (3 x 1/2”) rounds, you should be able to make about 10 or 12 of these.

5. Prick the surface of each scone with a fork – this allows the heat through to the centre of the scone, when cooking it.

6. Meanwhile heat up a frying pan with just a little olive oil, covering the bottom.

7. Place the scones in the pan and fry them gently for about 3 minutes on each side.

8. Best served hot.

I do hope that you enjoy these fluffy little morsels . For a printable copy of the recipe click here.

And if you fancy growing your own potatoes then it couldn't be easier.  Find out how to grow potatoes in containers. Even if you have space to grow them in the ground it is much easier to grow them in Potato Planters.  Especially when it comes to harvesting.  Find out exactly how to do it in our blog Potato Growing For Beginners - the Easiest way to grow potatoes 

Sarah Talbot