What are Pea & Bean Planters:

Pea & Bean Planters are sturdy planters with integral cane pockets specifically designed for growing peas and beans.  Like all Haxnicks planters they are made from tough 180gsm woven polyethylene. The handles are also reinforced on the insides to stop them tearing meaning they can be used year after year.

Where can I use them:

You can use them anywhere - and they are particularly good for urban and balcony gardeners.  They are also good for anyone short of space or for one more crop just outside your back door if your plot is full!  

What's so special about Pea & Bean Planters?

The integral cane supports make it a lot easier to grow anywhere as you don't need to embed the canes into the soil for support.  You simply pull the canes together at the top and secure with Soft Tie to form a self contained wigwam for your beans or peas to climb.

Another advantage of growing in planters is that you don't have to worry about heavy or difficult soils.  You can just fill the planter with compost and sow your seeds direct or plant in Rootrainers and transplant the young plants in.     

Find out more:

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