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March and there is still much to do

Written by Tildenet Marketing

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Its March. The sun is out , the sky is blue, there’s not a cloud to spoil the view, it’s time to get going as there’s so much to do! Jobs. 

  1. Rotovate Feel the motivation and do the rotovation, the softer and smaller your soil the better your plants will grow in it, especially if you are planting seeds in directly. Make it easy for them.
  2. Sow 
Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought online
  1. Sow seeds like mad, there are so many to be had! Choose what you have space for, don’t go too wild, but if you do like me you can always swap them with friends or give them away to inferior gardeners. I planted out in rootrainers some globe artichokes and now have a very successful crop of around 30 plants, where am I going to find a space for 20 of those, each one grows into a sort of bush and if I remember correctly they need at least 1m sq each!
  2. Pruning All roses could do with a prune, cut back each bush by about a third, take it to the shape that you would like it, cut just above a bud. Roses can be very hardy shrubs, you can hardly go wrong, I once used a chain saw to prune as an experiment, it was quick and easy and had great results. (Don’t tell the Royal Horticultural Society.)
  3. Planting out 
Gardening Jobs in March
  1. Be wary of what you plant out there are still frosts, if you are going to plant out your vegetables, use poly tunnels or cloches. Some plants are hardy, you can plant out peas, sweet peas, strawberries and rhubarb plants. Be safe rather than sorry. Use cloches. Read more about Planting out



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