5 Gardening Stocking Filler Gifts for under £10

1) Bamboo Scoop 


    Sustainable Bamboo Gardening Scoop Stocking filler

    A must for any gardener. This wonderful olive-green compost scoop will make the process simpler and less messy. Better still, the Bamboo Scoop is made from sustainable bamboo and is  biodegradable and compostable after use. Fill it with some choccies, wrap and you have the perfect secret Santa gift right there!

     2) Bamboo Plant Markers 

    Haxnicks Sustainable bamboo Plant Markers stocking filler gardening Christmas giftA handy little set to avoid mix ups in what you have planted where.  Made form the same sustainable bamboo - kind to the planet as well as the pocket.

    Vintage ash trowel budget christmas persent for gardener

    3) Vintage Ash Hand Trowel

    Perfect for anyone that loves to potter in the garden - a present they will use on a daily basis in the growing season. 

    4) Bootclamp

    Haxnicks Bootclamp Christmas gift Gardening Stocking fillerTransport boots form A to B with ease.  Kep them neat and tidy and even store them outside when muddy without fear of rain, mice and spiders getting inside. For the shed proud organiser in your life. 

    5) Soft Tie

    Haxnicks Soft-Tie plant tie Stocking filler gardening Christmas presentThe original and the best, you won't believe how useful this plant tie is in both the garden and around the home.  Pick one up for yourself while you are shopping.

    5 Gardening Gifts for under £25

    1) Rootrainers

    Rootrainers perfect gardening gift
    These have to be top of the list to take your growing to a whole new level. These planting cells give stronger, healthier roots which in turn gives bigger yields of vegetables, and more flower blooms. An essential bit of kit for serious gardeners.

    2) Bamboo range 

    A seed tray, and pots ranging from 3 to 8 inches offer a real alternative to single use plastics in the garden.  Starting from only £2.99 you can mix and match to help your nearest and dearest garden sustaianbly.

    3) Down to Earth

    This beautifully photographed gardening book is as at home on the coffee table as in the potting shed. An ideal present for the novice or the experienced gardener wishing to expand their range.   

    haxnicks bell cloche plant protection Christmas gift for gardeners4) Christmas bells (Original or Baby)

    What could be more Christmassy than bells?  Haxnicks Bell Cloches are both aesthetically pleasing AND very practical. Place over a prized plant to deter pests, or keep out the frost, these bells will always make an original and successful present.

    5) Easy Tunnel

    Make a fantastic gift.  There's a choice of 4 different materials - Poly, Micromesh, Fleece or Net - so whether they want to protect plants from pests or weather, or warm the soil to get a longer growing season, there will be one to suit.  It comes in its own storage bag and its a gift is that they will be use at both ends of the season year after year.   

    5 Luxury Gardeners Christmas Gifts

    If you have a little more to spend then here are five 'must have' gardening gifts that will make their eyes sparkle with joy.

    1) The Vigoroot Balcony Garden  

    Balcong Garden Christmas gift idea for Gardener
    A slim, elegant planter that uses special air pruning Vigoroot fabric to allow you to use much less compost than in a regular planter.  The perfect present for a small garden, roof terrace, patio or balcony. Ideal for the gardener who is short on space but high on gardening ambition!

    2) The Vigoroot Easy Table Garden 

    Vigoroot Easy Table Garden gardening Christmas gift
    Another from the Vigoroot family - the Table Garden is a self watering tall raised bed that is great if space is really tight.  Perfect for salads, herbs and smaller veg like radishes, spring onions and dwarf carrots.  Also good for anyone with reduced mobility as there is no bending and watering does not have to be done every day. 

    3) The Light-Booster Plant House or Cold Frame.

    Ideal for those who do not have a greenhouse but want to start growing earlier in the year. Unlike any other plant house the reflective backing bounces the light back onto the plant making the most of the low light early in the season. 

    4) The Grower Frame and Cover Combo 

    Another great solution for those without a greenhouse but this one can also be placed over a bed for pest protection of tall crops like brassicas.  A must have if you have a pigeon problem!

    5) The Sunbubble

    A great gift idea. It is an instant plant house/conservatory that is easy to use, easy to move and easy to store. Sunbubble is great for everything from growing your regular tomatoes to using as an outdoor playroom, or dining room. You can create your own jungle of harder to grow exotic plants or use it as a potting shed. Sunbubble christmas gift for gardeners
    I hope that this has inspired you and helped you find a gardening gift that will really go down a storm. 
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    Sarah Talbot