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Garden Recipe: How to make Mulled Pears

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How to Store & Cook Pears

It is all very well enjoying the fruits of the garden during the summer months, but of course you can enjoy them in the winter as well by storing them.  Poaching pears is a great way to preseve them and also makes a great last minute dessert.  All you have to do is to take out of the cupboard and serve it either warm or cold. 

How to Make Poached Pears in Red Wine

Preparation: 20 minutes | Cooling time: 40 minutes | Serves: 8


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4lbs (1.8kg) firm pears

1 orange

1 lemon 

2 cinnamon sticks 

12 cloves 

5cm (2") piece of fresh root ginger 

300g (11 oz) granulated sugar

1 bottle of fruity red wine - top this up with water if necessary

You will also need some Kilner style preserving jars that are suitable for cooking as these will be going in the oven.




First peel the pears, but keep their stalks on.

Peel the rinds of the lemon and orange using a potato peeler.

To Bottle the Pears in Red Wine:

  1. Stuff as many pears as you can into your storage bottles.
  2. Divide the spices and rinds between the bottles.
  3. Put the sugar and wine into a pan and heat up on a low heat until all the sugar has been dissolved. Then boil for 5 minutes.
  4. Pour the wine syrup into the jars, completely covering the pears.
  5. Secure the lids.
  6. Put into the oven and cook for about 30 minutes at 100?C/200?F/gas mark 3
  7. Take the jars out, watch out because they are extremely hot.

When they are cool check that the seal on the jars has worked. You can do this by gently trying to open the jar, if it is not possible they are sealed.

You don't have to bottle your pears you can simply cook and eat them.  Simply omit the jars from the recipe as follows

  1. Place all the peeled pears into a pan, add the spices sugar and wine.
  2. Put a lid on.
  3. Simmer the pears for approximately 20 minutes.
  4. When the pears are cooked, you can either serve them hot or let them cool.

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