Tomato Patio Planters (x2)

Tomato Patio Planter from Haxnicks and comes in 2

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  • Tomato Patio Planter from Haxnicks and comes in 2
  • The Tomato Patio Planter from Haxnicks
Tomato Patio Planters (x2)


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Tomato plants can grow tall and quite bushy, so the Haxnicks Tomato Patio Planter is specifically designed with this in mind, with pockets for 3 canes on each pot.

Holds approximately 40L of compost

Depth: 45cm (1ft6") Height: 25cm (8").



Each tomato planter has 3 cane pockets to keep your supports firmly in place without disturbing the soil.

Ideal for small gardens and patios, the Tomato Patio Planter is reusable, can be flat packed, and has tough reinforced handles and drainage holes at the base. It also comes with a helpful growing guide.

You may never want to eat supermarket toms again!

Sizes: D45cm H25cm

Holds approximately 40L of compost

Helpful Haxnicks hint: these planters are also great for growing many varieties of climbing peas and beans

Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Info

Growing Guide

Place a layer of gravel or other suitable material into the bottom of the planter to help drainage.

Fill with good quality multi purpose compost approximately 4cm (1½in) height from the top of the planters.

Water plants before planting, and allow to drain

Carefully water in after planting without soaking the compost.

Do not place outdoors until after last frosts, or keep in the light, in a frost free situation

Assemble and position some bamboo canes in the Patio Planter. As the plant grows, tie in the main stem to the support canes using Haxnicks Slim Soft Tie™

Side shoots should be removed by pinching them out with the fingers. If allowed to grow they will produce a mass of foliage but few tomatoes. Lower leaves should be removed if they show signs of yellowing to avoid the risk of infection.

A constant supply of moisture is essential for tomatoes – dry periods significantly increase the risk of the fruit splitting

Rub off aphids with your fingers, or spray them off with water or insecticidal soap (potassium-salt soap is available at most garden centres), or diluted washing up liquid – about one teaspoon to a couple of litres of water.

Feed regularly from mid-summer with a good liquid feed.

When the plant has developed six or seven trusses of tomatoes ‘stop’ the planting by breaking off the growing tip. If any more than seven trusses of tomatoes begin to develop, pinch them out to encourage the plant to produce good quality tomatoes rather than an abundance of low quality late-maturing fruit

Pick as soon as the fruits are ripe (colour and size will identify this) for the best flavour – eat as soon as possible. This also encourages the production of more fruit.

Tomato Gardening

You can use your Patio Planter to grow all types of Tomatoes. Here are just a few examples of our favourites:

RED ALERT – early cropper with outstanding flavour

TOTEM – perfect for patio planters early and full of flavour

TUMBLER – specially bred for Patio Planters, with cherry sized fruits cascading over the edges

TUMBLING TOM YELLOW - as Tumbler but attractive yellow fruit

GARDEN PEARL – compact habit and big crops of sweet cherry tomatoes


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