Haxnicks has a long history of innovation in gardening and throughout this time the innovation process has been guided by three main factors.

Firstly, Haxnicks has always been fortunate in having a good number of key staff who are active and keen gardeners themselves. This has helped us identify problems or awkward tasks in the garden first hand and with a genuine desire to come up with solutions or improvements in the way things are done. If when we set about hoeing a patch of the vegetable garden we find our efforts are ineffective or that we are wasting a lot of energy using a traditional hoe, this will prompt us to analyse the process and the tool and then come up with something more effective such as the SpeedHoe.

In addition to this slightly random process, Haxnicks continually runs tests growing plants in various different ways, under a variety of conditions and using different growing mediums and equipment. This gives us the opportunity to try out new methods and materials and has resulted in the development of several more technical new products such as Vigoroot fabric.

Secondly, Haxnicks has many customers who are happy to share their gardening experiences and opinions with us. Many common gardening problems have been brought to our attention this way and in some cases customers have even come up with suggested solutions for us. The MicroMesh Pest and Wind Barrier was a result of customers requesting a solution for carrot fly.


Thirdly, Haxnicks keeps a close watch on developing trends in gardening and looks to cater for any new emerging markets. As urban gardening has become more popular, we have experimented with different ways to grow plants in space-efficient ways and have developed a collection of products such as, the Vigoroot Balcony Garden, Table Garden, Tower Garden and Vertical Garden which are designed to meet this new demand.

Other recent trends such as growing microgreens for nutritional benefits and wild flowers for conservation have also resulted in some new product development.