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Garden News 18th Jan 2011

We are very proud to announce that our own Compact Rootrainers have been awarded 'Best Buy' awards in not one but two weekly gardening magazines. 

Compact Rootrainers because they were "Re-useable, rigid plastic containers. Especially useful for plants that need deep root runs and dislike root disturbance." Geoff Hodge, gardening expert and tried and tested journalist for the weekly publication awarded it 5 out of 5 for Use & handling, Watering, and Root growth. 

"Opens like a book for easy inspection of moisture levels, root growth and removal of the plants... My Best Buy went to Rootrainers as they are re-useable." Compact Rapid Rootrainers come with a drip tray, propagating lid and have 20 cells in total. To top it all off they are made in Great Britain, and as well as being re-usable, with a lifespan of approximately 6 years, they are also manufactured from recycled plastic. Amateur Gardening have always been fans of our Rootrainers. They regularly feature in gardening editor Kris Collins' weekly articles, in Anne Swithinbanks' column and have now been awarded 'Best Buy' by consumer editor Julia Heaton

"The shape and grooves promote optimum root formation. Good way to raise bedding or cuttings as it makes handling the plants simpler. Those produced should be bigger and garden ready due to the larger root system."

So why not see if the experts are right - try out our Compact Rapid Rootrainers and see for yourselves (quite literally) the quality of plant you can produce. Available as a deluxe version with a handy drip tray, perfect for windowsills.

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