The Chelsea Flower Show 2017 is fast approaching and plant preparations have been under way for quite some time now. If only the show was in July, my job would be made a lot easier. Forcing summer-grown fruit and vegetables to be at their best in mid May can be a little bit touch and go. However, despite the chilly temperatures over the last couple of weeks my container-grown plants are looking good.


Haxnicks Potato Patio Planter


There was one particularly warm day when I decided that the potato patio planters should venture out of the Sunbubble. Due to the fact, I was a little worried that they might be growing too fast. Unfortunately, I then forgot to put them back under cover. Typically, that very evening, one of those cheeky late Spring frosts decided to descend on my garden. It was extremely lucky that I woke up at midnight. I realised the peril the potatoes were in, and rushed out in my pyjamas to put them to bed. A little bit of frost damage was showing on the leaves. But, more alarmingly, my feet got cold and wet. Both quickly recovered though you'll be pleased to hear! 

Haxnicks Strawberry Patio Planter

The container-grown strawberries are in flower and some small green fruits are appearing. Therefore I am very much hoping for some warmer weather to ripen them to a rosy hue in time for the show. 

Haxnicks Vigoroot Pots with lupins, strawberries and herbs

The Vigoroot grown plants are looking fabulously green and healthy and ready to grace the stage on our Haxnicks stand at Chelsea. Other seeds for success were sown this time last year. Those were the seeds of an idea to develop a new product that would combine the magic of our hugely successful Vigoroot™ fabric with a simple self-watering system. From this idea grew The Vigoroot Easy Table Garden. This exciting new product is a raised table garden, greenhouse and irrigation system all rolled into one. The RHS are excited about it too. It has been nominated for the Chelsea Flower Show 2017 New Product of the Year finals…watch this space!! Grandpa Haxnicks

Hannah Collis
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