What to Plant in July

July is a great month for sowing seeds, as both soil and air temperatures are high which speeds up the germination process and extends your growing season. Keep an eye out for pests and diseases and water regularly, not only is it warmer, but the water table is often low at this time of year.

Indoor sowing

Lettuce and winter salads can be sown towards the end of the month. It is easy to grow and can be done in containers if you don’t have space on your plot.

Outdoor sowing

Carrots can still be grown this month but watch out for carrot fly when thinning out seedlings. 

    Turnips can be sown directly now. 

      Radishes can be grown now and sown directly into a well-prepared seedbed or started off in Rootrainers to develop a strong root system first. Radishes can also be grown as companion plants to other crops.

        Oriental vegetables, chicory and fennel can also be sown now.

          Plant out seedlings

          If you are based in the South of England, you still have chance to sow both French and runner beans.

          It’s also the last opportunity to plant out courgettes, squashes and sweetcorn. In order to give them the best chance of chance of cropping before the first of the autumn frosts they need to be planted at the start of the month.

          July is the best time to plant out winter cabbages that were grown from seed in April and May as well as leeks and brassicas. Plant winter cabbages 45cm apart, leaving 60cm between rows. We advise using netting or our micromesh pest and wind barrier to protect them.

          We hope you find some inspiration on what to plant in July.

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            Nicola Wallis