What vegetables to plant in August

Can vegetables be planted in August?

It's still not too late in the year to plant vegetables especially with quick growing crops as the temperature during this period are often perfect for seed germination.  

Indoor sowing

Spring cabbages can be sown direct outdoors, or indoors in Rootrainers to be planted out later.

Outdoor sowing

In you live in the south of England you still have time to sow quick maturing salad crops such as summer Lettuce, rocket, sorrel, chicory and fennel.

The start of the month is the last chance for Radishes.

Continue to sow spring cabbage, Turnips  and  Oriental vegetables.

Scallions, bunching onions, salad onions are salad staples are so versatile, meaning they're a great option for vegetables to plant in August.

Spinach is super versatile and is easy to grow and you can reap the rewards well into winter if you choose a hardy variety and provide with good light.

Beetroots can be planted out towards the end of this month and are great for their edible roots as well as tender leaves. They are easy to grow and ideal for anyone new to vegetable gardening.

Plant out seedlings

Winter cabbages grown from seed in previous months should be planted out now.

August is also a great time to plant out rooted strawberry runners. If you don’t have the space for strawberries don’t forget that you can plant them in patio planters, this can be quite good as you can move them to warm spots or even encourage more fruit by placing the whole thing in a greenhouse.



Nicola Wallis