Haxnicks Original Soft-Tie

Introducing SoftTie

In every season of the gardening year there are things that need tying back or supporting. However, it doesn’t matter how good your plant supports are if the tie used is not appropriate for the job. The award-winning Haxnicks Soft-Tie comes in two widths to ensure that plants stems benefit from the right amount of cushioning, so delicate stems are not bruised or broken. Soft-Tie has an inner core of galvanised steel wire which gives it its strength. While its outer coating of a unique, UV-stabilised rubber compound gently cushions and protects plant stems from damage. It is easy to secure with just a twist. As a result there is no need for messy balls of string and fiddly knots. Cutting to length is easy with a sturdy pair of scissors. When plants grow the string usually has to be untied and retied. Not with Soft Tie. A couple of quick twists and the new support position is in place. Put a twist between the support and the stem and you have a ready-made spacer to prevent damage from chafing. Most noteworthy is that Soft-Tie does not rot. So it lasts much longer than regular ties and it can be washed and re-used. Its natural green colour allows it to blend with foliage making it as unobtrusive as possible.

Original Soft-Tie

With a 7mm diameter and a slightly thicker steel core, the Original Soft-Tie the perfect choice for tying up plants that are heavily-laden with growing crops, or for tying up the thicker stems of trees, shrubs, roses, large climbers and fruit bushes. With its superior cushioning and strength, it’s a good choice for any plants in exposed spots. It will keep them secure and protect from wind damage.

Slim Soft-Tie

Slim Soft-Tie is half the width of Original Soft-Tie, only 3.5mm in diameter, and is designed for use with the thinner, more delicate stems of climbing annuals, young vegetables and shrubs, tall perennials and houseplants. It really is an essential bit of kit for gardeners. Use Soft-Tie for many other things around the home -too. Once you start using it you will come up with masses of uses - check out the Soft-Tie video for inspiration. I'm sure it will make you smile!

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