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Grow your own fresh Salad leaves anyone?

Written by Sarah Talbot

Salad in Raised Beds and Rapid Rootrainers


First of all, I haven't sown a seed since I was 8 years old(!) Hence I really had no idea what to expect with these Haxnicks Rootrainers. All I knew was that I wanted to grow salad and it had to be idiot proof!

After a therapeutic half hour assembling and planting I placed my Rootrainers in a sunny spot inside by the window and crossed by fingers and hoped for the best remembering to keep the tray moist a couple of times per week by placing the propagator lid underneath the tray when watering.


Rapid Rootrainers - here we go!

WEEK 2 1/2

Well, almost 2 weeks later, to my amazement there were some little shoots sprouting though the earth. I hope to have an abundance of courgettes, cucumbers (please no more tasteless supermarket ones) and tomatoes to plant out in my Haxnicks Raised Bed in 6 weeks time.

Haxnicks Rapid Rootrainers with seed sprouting


Close up of Haxnicks Rapid Rootrainers with seed sprouting

And more sprouting!


They are growing, they are growing! Can’t quite believe that these strange little shoot are going to supply me with with delicious summer salads before long. Seems like from the photos on the Royal Horticultural Society’s and Johnsons packets to plants, really is an easy process. If only I had known! For now, watch this space as I will be planting the seedlings out in mid April if we don’t get snowed in again at Easter.

Haxnicks Rapid Rootrainers with seed sprouting week 3

Week 3 and they are starting to really go

3 seed packets - tomatoes, cucumbers and courgettes

My 3 lots of seeds

Close up of Haxnicks Rapid Rootrainers with seed sprouting


We have returned back to a very grey and rainy England with not much hope for our little shoots after slight neglect for a week. However, we were greeted with huge shoots bursting to get out of their Rootrainers! Seems like time to get the husband out building the Haxnicks Raised Bed with it’s very handy Raised Bed Polythene Cover to keep those courgettes, cucumbers and tomatoes growing upwards and outwards into something edible for my plate.

Haxnicks Raised Bed with polythene cover on and plants inside

I have plants now in my Raised Bed

Most of all, the joy of this Raised Bed is that you construct and locate it wherever you wish, so for convenience it is sitting right outside our kitchen garden door. As much as I love my garden who wants to traipse to the end of it to pick their veggies! We have added a variety of herbs too - why not! 

Haxnicks Raised Bed with polythene cover off and salad plants showing

Pull back the polythene cover for easiy watering and as you can see we have a little bed of very healthy young plants which we hope to harvest sometime in July. We will be back in July with an update!

Haxnicks Raised Bed with polythene cover off and slightly larger salad plants inside

Really growing now - here comes summer!



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