What is the Raised Bed Growing System : 

The Haxnicks Raised Bed Growing System provides a simple and affordable way to grow fresh vegetables salads and herbs without an allotment.

It comes in four parts all sold separately:-     

Timber base — the base is made from untreated timber for chemical free growing of edible crops. All you have to do is fill it with compost for a handy raised bed for any sized garden. The base comes with tough plastic corner joints and extension fittings to build taller beds. The timber sides retain warmth producing quicker, earlier crops.

A powder coated steel frame - specifically designed to support two different crop covers to ensure year round protection from harsh weather and pests.

A Micromesh cover—the ultra- fine Micromesh™ Pest Protection Cover keeps aphids, birds, carrot fly and other animals such as hens off your precious plants. This cover also helps create the ideal growing environment as it allows air and rain to pass through easily, helps to retain soil moisture, but also prevents sun scorching.

A Poly cover - warms the soil prior to planting and protects from harsh weather.  The cover retains warmth and humidity for quicker growth, producing better crops. Vegetables and herbs are also protected from animals and pests

Both cover are reusable, durable and individually replaceable should the need arise.

What crop is it for:

The system is suitable for all sorts of salad crops, lettuce, carrots, bush tomatoes, herbs. Anything up to 50cm in height.  

What's so special about it?

Haxnicks Raised Bed System

The combination of sturdy plastic corner joints as opposed to screws, higher grade and thicker timber and an option of year round protective covers are what make the Haxnicks Raised Beds an all round better buy for gardeners.

The four parts can be bought together or if you are building your own raised beds then choosing the same dimensions will make life easier by allowing you to use the Haxnicks frame and covers rather than having to wrestle with hoops and fabric.

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Sarah Talbot