What are natural bamboo Tunnel Hoops:


Haxnicks Bamboo Tunnel Hoops are sturdy curved bamboo that you can use to create your very own natural looking tunnel cloche. No more unsightly blue plastric tubing or rusting metal hoops.

What crop are they for:

Use them for any crop that needs covering for protection from adverse weather such as wind, heavy rain or frost. It will also protect against pests from slugs and snails, to birds, rabbits and the tiny critters like aphids. Add your plant protection fabric of choice and your plants will be safe. Every garden is different so the advantage to using tunnel hoops is that you can make the tunnel the exact length you need it to fit your own particular beds. 


What's so special about Tunnel Hoops?

For a start they aren't made of plastic. So, they are great for the gardener who wants to take a more natural approach in their garden. They can also be used with any fabric which makes them very versatile. The fabric can be swapped as the plants' needs change during the year. From Fleece to warm the soil prior to planting, to shade netting to keep off the sun on to Micromesh to keep out insects. Simply drape the fabric over and secure with U-shaped fabric pegs to ensure that the fabrics stay grounded. 


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