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Product Bite: Vigoroot Pots- 5, 10 and 20L

Written by Nicola Wallis

What are Vigoroot Pots?

Vigoroot pots are unique fabric pots which enable roots to air prune preventing plants from becoming pot bound. They are available in three different sizes 5, 10 and 20 litres.

What crop are they for?

The Vigoroot pots are suitable for a wide variety of herbs, flowers and shrubs as well as exotics and smaller sized vegetables.

Where can I use them?

The Vigoroot Planters are ideal for small gardens, patios and balconies or for simply growing herbs and vegetables within easy reach of the kitchen.

What's so special about it?

Because Vigoroot creates such a  strong root structure you can use a lot less compost than with a standard pot or planter. So they not only give you higher yielding, stronger more drought resistance plants reduce but reduce your costs too.  

Also the pots, which are made of recycled materials, can be reused the following year. Simply, wash in cold water, thoroughly dry, fold away and store at the end of the growing season.

5 litre Vigoroot™ Pots— perfect for herbs and strawberries

Size D 21cm H 20cm

10 litre Vigoroot™ Pots — perfect for herbs

Size D 24cm H 24cm 

20 litre Vigoroot™ Pots — ideal for young fruit bushes

Size D 30cm H 30cm Pack Qty 3 

The range also has Vegetable Planter, Tomato/Potato Planter and a Herb planter in it.

Find out more:

See it in action: To see it in action head over to our YouTube channel:

Haxnicks Vigoroot Pots

Buy it Now: See the full range here Haxnicks Vigoroot Pots



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