What is the Vigoroot Balcony Garden?

Ideal for balconies and patios, the Haxnicks Vigoroot Balcony Garden is a multi-tier planter with air pruning fabric for healthy roots and excellent drainage. It is an easily accessible growing system that grows the maximum number of plants in a small space.

What crop is it for?

The system is suitable for all sorts of plants such as herbs, salad, strawberries and bush tomatoes.  

What's so special about it?

The Vigoroot Balcony Garden is ideal for those who really want to grow their own

veg but do not have a lot of space. The planter has four deep planting troughs, quadrupling your growing space, which are well-spaced allowing for easy watering and ensuring plenty of light reaches your plants to optimise growth. The troughs are made of Vigoroot fabric which is an advanced growing fabric used by top professional fruit tree growers. The fabric enables an air-pruning process to take place so that when the roots reach the side the tips are air-pruned, which stimulates the plant to grow more roots from the core and prevents longer spiralling roots forming. This stops the plant getting pot-bound and thereby reduces the need for re-potting allowing plants to grow larger and increasing crop yield.

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