What is the Multi-purpose Growbag Planter?

This garden planter is made from long lasting, durable materials and has rigid support tubes and brass drainage holes.

What crop are the Multipurpose Growbag Planters for?

These can be used for a variety of crops but are perfect for growing tomatoes

from seed or from tomato plants bought at the garden centre.  It can also be used to grow salads, herbs and veg such as radishes, spring onions, and courgettes.

Where can I use the Planter?

Multi-purpose Growbag Planters can be used anywhere. They’re ideal for people that don’t have a garden as it allows them to grow plants and crops on decking, patios and balconies.  

What's so special about this planter?

  • Better water retention to standard grow bags.
  • Versatile and reusable time and time again.
  • When not being used, the growbag is easy to rinse off and fold up for storage. It’s the perfect gift for someone living in a rented property or with limited space.
  • It is a good size, looks good and the pleasant green colour means it blends into any garden space perfectly
  • It’s sturdy and good quality
  • It is extra deep and requires no digging: simply add compost, plants and water!

Growbag Garden Planter size- L1m x W42cm x H25cm.

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Nicola Wallis