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Make It A Very Merry Christmas For The Gardener In Your Life

Written by Sarah Talbot

Here comes Christmas, with a difference. The mood is swerving between 'lets make this the best Christmas ever' and 'lets just keep it low key for a few more weeks'.  And presents are more important than ever. 

But here too there is a change.  With many people not seeing their loved ones there is an even greater need to get the present spot on and show you care.  And a desire to give presents that matter and have a bit of longevity rather than another set of bath bombs or novelty socks.  The good news, if you are buying for a gardener though is that pretty much anything for the garden will not only delight but give them years of pleasure.     

For those of you who are still struggling to complete that oh so challenging gift list, I thought I'd highlight the best that we have to offer when it comes to getting the perfect present. You'll find everything on our website, just use the links or tap in the name in the search box. 

1) Bamboo Pots & Seed trays


Its always nice to be the first to have something so make them the envy of their gardening chums with Haxnicks Bamboo Pots & Saucers and Seed trays. These are a sustainable alternative to plastic pots so great for your greener friends and relations.



2) Haxnicks Bell Cloches

King Size, Original or Baby are a popular gift, being aesthetically pleasing AND very practical. Whether sitting over a prized plant deterring pests, cats, children and any number of other hazards or keeping out the frost and howling wind these bells will always make an original and successful present. 


3) Rootrainers

Rootrainers are the secret that the gardening trade have been keeping.  These planting cells give stronger, healthier roots which gives bigger yields for your vegetables and more blooms on your flowers. An essential bit of kit for serious gardeners.  


4) Down to Earth


A gardening book will keep giving year after year. Down to Earth is a practical veg growing guide that covers the most common household favourite as well as some less often grown choices. Beautifully photographed it is as at home on the coffee table as in the potting shed. An ideal present for the novice or the experienced gardener wishing to expand their range. 


5) Kitchen Garden Cloche

Haxnicks Kitchen Garden Cloche an ideal Christmas present for gardeners

The Kitchen Garden Cloche is the gift for the person striving for The Good Life - Ideal for growing herbs, protecting salads, nurturing seedlings and bringing on young plants. The cloche gives weather and pest protection leading to quick and healthy growth, and it looks good too.



6) Bamboo Scoop

Small enough to fit in a Christmas stocking but big enough to make filling pots and planters easy.  The Haxnicks Bamboo Scoop is a generous scoop they'll be using all year with the advantage that its fully compostable after use.  


7) Soft Tie

The original and the best.  Soft Tie will support your plants without damaging their  delicate stems.  Its so useful for both house & garden you'll wonder how you lived without it!


8) Bootclamp

Give 2020 the boot with a super handy BootClamp.  Keep muddy boots outside with no fear of them getting filled with rain or invaded by spiders and mice!  




9) Bamboo Plant markers

Haxnicks Bamboo Plant markers an ideal Christmas present stocking filler for gardeners

Another great little stocking filler.  Never mix up your beans & your brassicas again!  And as with all the Haxnicks Bamboo Range - the Bamboo Plant Markers are fully biodegradable after use.



10) Coir sacks - Recyclable wrapping! 

Haxnicks Composting Sack an ideal Christmas present for gardeners

With a trend towards natural wrapping rather than 'glittery' wrapping paper that can't be recycled, the Haxnicks Composting Sacks or Vegetable Sacks double as wrapping and a gift. Stuff full of gardening related stocking fillers. Add a reusable bow and you'll have a hit on your hands and somewhere to store your leaves and spuds come autumn.

Happy Christmas from all at Haxnicks, and we look forward to seeing your growing projects in the New Year.



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