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Make it a very Merry Christmas for the gardener in your life...

Written by Sarah Talbot


Posted on 12 December 2018

Here comes Christmas, the offices are festooned with decorations and everyone is starting to get excited! For the serious gardener, pretty much any Haxnicks product makes a cracking present. For those of you who are still struggling to complete that oh so challenging gift list, I thought I'd highlight the best that we have to offer when it comes to getting the perfect present. You'll find everything on our website, just use the links or tap in the name in the search box. Bell_Cloches_in_3_sizes Haxnicks Bell Cloches King Size, Original or Baby are a popular gift item, being aesthetically pleasing AND very practical. Whether sitting over a prized plant in the garden deterring pests, cats, children and any number of other hazards or keeping out the frost and howling wind these bells will always make an original and successful present. Haxnicks_veg_sacks_with _cane_toppers_christmas_present How many times do you receive gifts that you will never use? Gifts that are pretty quickly shoved to the back of a cupboard or given swiftly to charity? We are all being asked to buy less so why not buy something you know will be used and enjoyed? Here's an idea: With a trend towards natural wrapping rather than 'glittery' wrapping paper that can't be recycled, the Haxnicks Vegetable Sacks double as wrapping and a gift. Stuff full of gardening related stocking fillers. Add a reusable bow and you'll have a hit on your hands and somewhere to store your spuds come autumn.
A little knowledge?
Down_to_earth_gardening_book_madeliene_cardozo A gardening book will keep giving year after year. Down to Earth is a practical veg growing guide that covers the most common household favourite as well as some less often grown choices. Beautifully photographed it is as at home on the coffee table as in the potting shed. It makes an ideal present for the novice or the experienced gardener wishing to expand their range.
New & different?
wrapped_veg_with_bamboo_pots_and_christmas_treeIts always nice to be the first to have something so make them the envy of their gardening chums with Haxnicks Bamboo Pots, Saucers and Seed trays. These are new and different and make a great gift.


Pea_growing_hamper How about a Christmas present and New Year's resolution all rolled into one? Does your other half yearn to eat their own potatoes at Christmas Dinner 2019? Is a planter full of fresh peas or beans on their 'to do' list? Making up a hamper couldn't be easier - Rootrainers, planters, cane toppers, soft tie, veg sacks Some things they will already have but add the things they don't and they will be ready to go once the weather warms up. Finally a great reason for choosing a gardening gift is that you can get it at a Garden Centre. There is nowhere more Christmassy than a good Garden Centre. So you will get your fill of Christmas spirit with loads of parking and its open right up until Christmas Haxnicks_Stocking_fillers Happy Christmas from all at Haxnicks, and we look forward to seeing your growing projects in the New Year.



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