June planting is ideasl as both air and soil temperatures climb higher, 

The start of this month is the last opportunity to sow pumpkins, otherwise you run the risk of them under-developing in both size flavour. 

Continue sowing salad crops in partially shady areas and now is ideal to plant out young pak choi plants sown last month or sow seeds directly.

Spring onions can still be sown from now until August.

Sow French and runner beans & peas can be sown directly this month.

Squash can be sown directly into prepared beds outside.

Sweetcorn needs to be sown by the middle of this month. Seeds sown in the previous month are ready to be planted directly after a period of hardening off.

Courgettes and marrows can still be sown outdoors this month

Calabrese, turnips, late sprouting broccoli, and kohl rabi can be sown directly now for an autumn crop.

June planting is good for both celeriac and celery - towards the start of this month is best in a well-prepared area mixed with organic matter.

Cucumbers can be planted out early this month. They benefit from lots of organic matter dug into to the area to help retain water.

Plant vegetables sown indoors earlier in the season, including sweet peppers and artichokes that were previously sown under cover.

Transplant outdoor melons under cloches and move forced strawberries outdoors.