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Growing Brassicas From Seeds

Written by Tildenet Marketing

Growing brassicas

Cabbages, kale, kohlrabi, cauliflower, broccoli and Brussel Sprouts are all varieties of the same species of Brassica oleracea which is native to the Mediterranean. Brassicas thrive on transplanting and some gardeners even swear by transplanting them twice. 

  • Brussel Sprouts sow the seeds in March early April
  • Spring Cabbage' make two sowings 4 weeks apart in February
  • Summer Cabbage sow in March
  • Winter Cabbage sow in May
  • Summer Cauliflower sow in March
  • Broccoli sow in April

make an excellent way to start them when growing from seed, just fill with compost (preferably peat free) and cover with a clear propagating lid and leave to germinate in a warm place. if you are using Rootrainers then just flip the drip tray over when you have watered them and you have your propagator lid. Once plants start emerging use as a drip tray under the tray and grow on in a good strong light place, When plants are ready plant out into a deep, rich well composted and moist soil. Make 15cm deep holes with a garden stake and place the seedling into the hole. Don’t close the hole with soil . Instead, water the plant which will close the hole with the right amount of soil. Watering of the young plants is vital until they are well established and weeding is just as essential.

Using Garden Cloches from Haxnicks

If pests are a problem when growing brassicas or you want to bring on growth a little quicker then we do recommend our Victorian Bell Cloches, these provide instant weather protection and additional warmth for faster growth.




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