Easy Path - the instant garden path. 

EasyPath makes your plot easier to weed, water and harvest and because it is made of a tough outer weed barrier with a strong internal structure it suppresses weeds.

EasyPath can also be used as a temporary garden path to protect wet lawns from wellies and wheelbarrow traffic. A plank of wood could do a similar job. However, Easy Path is much easier to move and can used in places where you wouldn't want to put a plank of wood.

EasyPath can be rolled out when needed and folded flat into a 30cm square, to store, when not in use. It has a carry/hanging handle and loops along the edge to peg it in place.

Use EasyPath anywhere where you have healthy soil that you don't want to tread on and compact. In healthy soil half of the volume should be made up of solid material and the remainder should be either water or air. If the soil becomes compacted, then it is harder for the roots of plants to penetrate the soil. There is also no space for the water and air that are needed for exchange of gases a healthy ecosystem of soil microbes.

It is portable and lightweight and stores easily. It can be laid down and left but it can also be rolled out, used, and then folded away. For example, it can be simply laid down in a flower border while weed, then packed away. Much easier than carting a plant of wood round.

To find out everything you need to know about EasyPath watch the video:

Nicola Wallis