What are Carrot Planters:

Carrot Planters are tall sturdy planters specifically designed for growing carrots.  They come in a pack of two and like all Haxnicks planters are made from tough 180gsm woven polyethylene. (Copycat versions are as little as 100gsm) The handles are also reinforced on the insides to stop them tearing meaning they can be used year after year.

Where can I use them:

You can use them anywhere - at just 30cm wide x 45 cm long they take up the floor space of a tea tray.  This makes them perfect for urban and balcony gardeners.  They are equally good if you suffer from a stony plot and end up with rather distorted carrot plants.  Growing in planters will allow you to just fill the planter with compost and sow.  You can get your carrot seedlings growing and give yourself another year to remove some more of those stones! Many people choose to grow carrots in pots for this reason.     

What's so special about Carrot Planters?

They are special as they are specifically designed for carrot plants.  They work whether you are growing carrots from seed or buying carrot plants.  To start with they are deep to allow long straight roots and narrow to allow all plants to get light.  But also, planting in planters will raise your carrots up to avoid more of the carrot flies.  Carrot flies only fly to a maximum of around 40 cm from the ground so are less likely to stumble across your crop if its not at ground level.      

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Sarah Talbot