What are the benefits of planting seeds and bulbs in autumn containers?

Growing plants and vegetables in containers or 'container gardening' is ideal way for those who have only small spaces such as a patio, terrace, or balcony to grow. As well as saving space, container gardening requires less weeding and gives the gardener more control over growing conditions. Growing in containers means you can relocate your plants and vegetables easily. Autumn container gardening is particularly handy heading into winter when harsh weather hits and you can bring plants indoors for shelter.

Seeds sown in autumn tend to germinate faster than those sown in spring

which gives your garden a head start. Not only does it produce an earlier crop, but it frees up more time and space for planting in spring.

Almost any container can be re-purposed and used as a planter although you have to be careful that there is sufficient drainage and that they are robust enough. 

Haxnicks Vegetable Patio Planters are ideal for a range of plants.  They come in a pack of three, each a different depth. They’re also made of a tough polythene with reinforced drainage holes and handles on each side they fold flat for easy storage and can be reused again, and again.



What things do I need to consider when growing vegetables and plants in containers?

  1. Drainage
  2. Utilising space
  3. Location and sunlight requirements

Drainage is especially important so ensure your containers have drainage holes at the right height. Place broken pots and horticultural grit at the bottom of the pots to ensure water can flow freely out of the drainage holes.

Which seeds can be sown in autumn containers?

Not all plants can be sown in Autumn.  Some perennials and some annuals can be, but not anything which is half-hardy or tender as these will not reliably survive a wet/cold winter...so stick to hardy, whether they are annuals or perennials. Hardy or cool-season annuals, such as Love in The Mist and Delphiniums.

Which vegetables can be planted in autumn containers?

Vegetables include purple sprouting broccoli, cabbage, collard, kale, kohlrabi, leek, and garlic can all be planted in containers now. Onions work well when

planted next to or in the same container as spinach. Herbs such as thyme and sages can be planted in autumn containers and look good throughout winter. Oriental salad leaves and rocket thrive in autumn containers as they provide cut-and-come-again leaves throughout autumn and winter.

Haxnicks Vegetable Patio Planters are perfect for this as you can plant the leaves like rocket in the shallowest as they do not have deep roots. Onions, leeks and garlic need a little more depth.  The three planters will give you scope to grow a variety of crops.  Or why not use a Multipurpose Growbag planter to grow all your different plants in one place?

If you start in August you could even get a Potato Planter and grow some Christmas potatoes.  You may still have time to do this in September if we enjoy a late summer.  You will have to watch out for the frost and either protect with Garden Fleece or bring inside to a porch or garage but find out all you need to know here ot Grow Christmas Potatoes.

Flowers and Shrubs suitable for an Autumn Container Garden

Pansies can be grown in containers and will add a splash of colour throughout winter. For more autumn colour Violas can be planted in autumn and bloom

through winter. Hellabores also provide bloom in a variety of colours throughout winter and thrive in containers.

Creeping and Medium Sedum are suitable for growing in autumn containers as they’re both tolerant to draught and very hardy. For those of you wanting a low maintenance plant, Boxwood is a good choice as it thrives year-round.

Top tip: drainage is crucial for autumn container plants as most do not like to sit in wet roots.

Which bulbs can I plant in autumn containers?

Spring flowering bulbs such including daffodils, crocus, snowdrops and hyacinths can be planted during September. Tulips can be planted a little later in November. Other bulbs that are summer flowering can be planted in containers during autumn including lilies and alliums.

How do you plant bulbs in containers?

Always read the planting guide on the packet but as a rule most bulbs need to be planted between two to three times their depth and place in the hole with their shoot facing upwards.

Check out this link for detailed instructions on Planting Spring Bulbs 

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