Air pruning is an amazing way to grow healthy plants that give bigger yields. Learn all about it from expert horticulturist and BBC Broadcaster, Pippa Greenwood. Click on the picture below to increase the size or download the document here Air Pruning pdf.

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For products that air prune see the following links

Rootrainers - innovative planting cells suitable for propagating and cultivating nearly all plants. Especially good for bedding plants, trees, shrubs, herbaceous, fruit and vegetables. Ideal for those that have deep fast growing roots such as sweet peas and beans.

Vigoroot - These are no ordinary pots made of no ordinary material. The unique Vigoroot fabric will help you grow stronger, healthier, more productive plants. It comes in a variety of planters such as the Self Watrering Tower Garden, The Easy Table Garden, the Balcony garden and 5, 10 and 20 Litre pots. As well as larger Potato/ Tomato and veg planters. Read more about air pruning in these blogs The magic of Vigoroot Exploring the rhizosphere: how to grow trouble free onion sets...

Haxnicks started with some plastic cloches. More exciting new products were designed and added to the range, and before long Haxnicks became well known for its quality and original ideas. Many keen gardeners have now come to trust the Haxnicks brand above all others. Our blog has plenty of tips and advice on growing your own. It also has new product announcements so you can be the first to hear.

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