There are 4 types of gardeners -- which one are you?

The Escapees

Types_of_gardeners_The Escapees

These people will generally have an allotment although they can be found in the garden shed equipped with a kettle or corkscrew. They are generally there because they don't want to be somewhere else. Even before Lockdown these gardeners were running away from busy households, stressful jobs and being trapped between 4 walls. The lure is a combination of fresh air, a mug of tea enjoyed in silence and being surrounded by greenery. They do like growing stuff but if its too wet to be out you won't hear them complain.

The Tribe


These are the people who are there for the people. They love other gardeners and like a chat as they lean on their spade. You'll find them on allotments and at Gardening Clubs sitting in the back row. They will be the one wearing a "Stay Calm and Keep Gardening" T-shirt to prove their dedication and will be happy to give and receive advice. All the chatting over the years may mean they turn into an expert. Their plot may not have as much planted as the next person's (where does the time go?) but they'll have a chat about it if you like...

The Warriors


These gardeners are there with a purpose. A higher purpose. They are there to save the planet or at least do their bit. Vegetables feature heavily on their plot and in their diet. They will care deeply about reducing food miles and will know the mileage between their allotment and their home so they can scatter their lengthy blog posts with the necessary stats. They are to be admired for eating seasonally and their in depth knowledge of international pickling techniques. 

The Snappers


For these gardeners the plot is a studio or film set for their life story. These gardeners will be stocking their plot with all things photogenic - they will have cucamelons tumbling from planters, carrots in every colour but orange and sunlight glinting through rainbow chard. They opened the Instagram account the day they go the plot - nothing like a good before and after picture! And if you follow them you will get to experience every garden bird, shaft of sunlight and emerging seedling as they happen. 

Which one are you?

Which one of our types of gardeners are you? Most people will identify more with more than one. Whatever category you fit into (or don't fit into) chances are you are getting a lot out of being in the garden. A survey done by Gardeners’ World magazine in 2013 found that 80 percent of gardeners reported being “happy” and “satisfied” with their lives, compared to 67 percent of non-gardeners. It is hard to pin down why gardening works but it is proven to relieve stress. Key reasons why gardening makes us feel good are that it is both physical exercise, which releases endorphins, and also a creative pastime that allows us to express ourselves. It gives responsibility for nurturing the plants and a sense of achievement when you move from the 'before' to 'after'. It has certainly been a sanctuary for many during the pandemic. So if you know anyone who is stressed then buy them a pot plant. It's not a joke. Just having a single house plant to look after has been proven to reduce stress and make you feel more energised. It helps you think more clearly, and starts to relieve anxiety or depression. Even if we can't pin down the reason why gardening helps there are countless real life stories of it happening. We'd love to hear yours... Types of gardeners

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