Grassfly Foundation 

Haxnicks supports the Zambian registered charity ‘Grassfly Foundation’ run by Lali Cardozo and Chuchu Kangwa Bowa. The charity is based on the outskirts of Lusaka in Zambia and their ‘Home of Chances’ currently accommodates 15 local children aged 6 – 16 years, who would otherwise be homeless.

GrassFly Foundation Home of Chances Zambia

Grassfly Foundation’s ‘Home of Chances’

The children are looked after, fed, clothed and loved by Lali and Chuchu. She also raises money to pay the school fees for the children in the orphanage and many other local children who would otherwise be unable to get an education.  The children are all taught at local schools and many of them are also given extra lessons by Lali and other teachers to help them achieve better results.

Haxnicks Grassfly Foundation Garden viewed from above

Its not all work though - Lali organises dance classes and other activities for the children and teaches them a multitude of life skills. They have created an incredible home for these children and share everything they have with them. They often struggle to finance their operation and the day-to-day requirements of food for themselves and the children is one area that we felt we could really help. 

The Haxnicks Zambian Garden 

Haxnicks Garden at the GrassFly Foundation

Haxnicks has helped to develop an extensive vegetable garden at the Home of Chances and covers the ongoing costs of employing gardeners and the costs of equipment, seeds, plants etc, so that the garden can produce a regular supply of healthy fruit and vegetables.

Haxnicks Grassfly Foundation garden growing potato plants

With the fertile soil and plenty of sunshine the plants grow fast and with the new irrigation system we have helped to install it is possible to grow a variety of crops all year round. It is very satisfying to see the garden developing and producing such a valuable supply food. Many of the children help the gardeners, learning from them, and take a keen interest in the crops….especially the strawberries.  

Other projects in Zambia supported by Haxnicks. 

Heal project pumpkin leaves grown as food

Haxnicks helped create another highly productive garden at the Heal Project orphanage that houses and feeds 35 children in Lusaka. Here, we bought and installed an irrigation system that has enabled tomatoes and other crops to be grown throughout the dry season when many other gardens become barren. 

Watch out for more posts about the children and their Zambian garden in coming months.

Sarah Talbot