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Winter Gardening with Haxnicks

Whether you are preparing your garden for winter, growing winter vegetables, or looking for a great Christmas gift for a gardener, Haxnicks have got it covered. All our fleece plant protection products are made from superior extra-thick horticultural fleece. We have an extensive range of cloches offering winter plant protection in all shapes and sizes. Please any gardener with a gift from our collection of innovative and easy to use gardening tools and accessories.

Watch our Winter Videos

We've put together a collection of Videos from our Winter Gardening archives that demonstrate the great things our gardening products can do. Press the next control to play the next video.

A-Z Grow Your Own Advice

A whole alphabet of useful grow your own advice- written by Madeleine Cardozo, author of Down to Earth.

"I've used Haxnicks products for years - they're designed to do a brilliant job AND look good. Just what's needed!"
- Pippa Greenwood (Horticulturist, grow-your-own TV and radio expert, garden writer)

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