Slug-Busters (2 per pack)

Slug-Busters from Haxnicks

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  • Slug-Busters from Haxnicks
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Slug-Busters (2 per pack)


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Slug Busters are a safe and simple slug control that is non-toxic and reusable.

Product size: D12cm x W12cm x H11cm



Safe, simple, non-toxic and reusable slug control made from UV stabilised polypropylene. All you have to do is make a slug-buster sized hole in the soil and sink the pot so that the rim is level with the ground. Then fill the trap with a slug’s favourite tipple; beer , lager, yeast tablets in salt water or lettuce in salt water.

Don’t feel too guilty….extermination by inebriation is kinder than death by slug pellet!

Slug-Busters are also effective at controlling snails.

No risk of harm to other garden wildlife, pets, or children.

2 per pack.

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