Plant Supports

Easy to use, sturdy and versatile plant supports to help you train your plants to grow the way you want them to! Support your crops and create impressive displays with your climbers.

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  1. The Steel Pea and Bean Garden Frame from Haxnicks

    Easy Peasy!

    With a Haxnicks Sweet pea and Bean frame you can confidently grow runner beans, french beans, mange tout, sweet peas, cucumbers, in fact any type of climbing veg or flowers in a tidy, elegant, impress- your- neighbours fashion.

    Width/Depth 80cm (2ft6") Height 2m(6ft6") Length 1.2m (3ft9").

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  2. The Cane Supports for Garden Planters and Growbags from Haxnicks

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    Keep your canes under control! A set of 3 steel supports providing a simple and elegant way to ensure that bamboo canes stay upright and in place.

    Width 15cm (6") Height 40cm(16").

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  3. The Fold a Frame from Haxnicks

    An elegant and amazingly versatile support frame that can be used to support tomatoes, peas, beans or other climbers.

    Length 1.1m (3ft7") Height 1.32m(4ft3").

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  4. The Garden Cane Ring for Plants and Crops from Haxnicks

    Get creative with your climbers! Create a magnificent obelisk plant support for sweet peas, beans, peas, and other climbing plants using 6 bamboo canes held in a circular shape with the 2 Cane Rings.

    Diameter Large ring 55cm (22") Diameter Small ring 45cm (18").

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  5. The Parasol Plant Support from Haxnicks

    Tame your climbers into an elegant and impressive display. The Parasol Plant Support is an easy and stylish way to give support to sweet peas, beans, and other climbing plants.

    Height 1.8m(5ft10") Top Diameter 1.2m (3ft11") Base Diameter 2m (6ft6") .

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  6. The Garden Maypole from Haxnicks

    A Haxnicks garden Maypole will add beauty and drama to your garden. This easy to construct climbing plant support is ideal for all climbing annuals and perennial flowers such as sweet peas and clematis and also for runner beans.

    Width 1m (3ft3") Height 1.90m(6ft6").

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