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New Products for 2017

Written by Hannah Collis


Posted on 9 January 2017

It is Happy New Year to you all! We have a host of exciting new garden products to inspire you in 2017. 

New Garden products Maxi Rootrainers from Haxnicks with tree saplings growing.

Bigger Rootrainers

Due to customer demand we have extended our range of Rootrainers to include a larger size only previously used for commercial growers. Maxi Rootrainers are perfect for creating super-strong roots necessary for establishing trees, shrubs and prize-winning plants. With the extra deep cells, plants can remain in the Rootrainers for up to 2 years without the need for potting on. 

new garden products Putting out a Haxnicks Easy Seedling Tunnel.

Smaller Easy Tunnels

Inspired by a keen gardener in the family Haxnicks have recreated one of our best-selling products in miniature. The Easy Seedling Tunnels have all the benefits of our larger Tunnels and make for an inexpensive way to maximize sowing success. 

new garden products Haxnicks Tree Mat protecting a young tree.

Tree Care

It seems we all love our trees! Following on from the success of our new garden products Flexi-mesh tree guards and StrimGuards we are expanding our tree care range. Our coir Tree Mats are biodegradable, natural looking mulch mats that will give vital support to young trees by suppressing weed growth and aiding water retention. 

new garden products Haxnicks Fruit Tree Protector being put on.

Those of you with fruit trees and bushes will be well aware that a badly timed frost or greedy birds can hugely reduce summer crops. Now you can easily protect the blossom from harsh weather and the fruits from pest invasion with our carefully constructed Fruit tree protectors. Having battled with ordinary netting in our orchard we have gone to town on designing a net that is easy to use and fit for purpose. Hooks, toggles and loops for lifting over the net. A sealable opening side. Reinforced seams, a drawstring bottom, wildlife friendly mesh...this is no ordinary net! 

new garden products Haxnicks' Herb Wall Planter laying in the Sun

No garden required

For those of you growing in smaller spaces, vertical gardening is a great way to maximise your outdoor space. It also makes a feature on bare wall or fences. Our simple Herb Wall Planter will enable you to grow fresh herbs without needing any ground space. Perfect for roof terraces, patios and balconies this smart oxford fabric planter can be planted up with your favourite culinary herbs in each pocket, hung within reach of your kitchen and out of reach of pets and slugs! 

new garden products Haxnicks' Vigoroot Easy Table for the Garden

Another small space growing solution comes in the form of our Self-watering Vigoroot Easy Table Garden. This raised fabric planter comes with a poly protection cover. It also has a hidden 5 litre reservoir that waters the plants via capillary action. This clever little growing system is made from our revolutionary Vigoroot fabric. This fabric will 'air prune' roots for a healthier plant and more abundant cropping.

new garden products Haxnicks' Boot Clamps to protect from rain against a brick wall

Leaving the best to last, this has to be my favourite new product for 2017. Anyone with a new year's resolution to be more organised is going to love the BootClamp. It is a simple device to clip over the top of your boots. It means that they they can be hung up out of the way and be kept in a tidy pair. But best of all, muddy boots don't need to come indoors! The clamp fits so well that neither rain nor spiders will get a look-in. So, hopefully there is something here for all types of gardeners. We are already thinking about our new product designs for 2018. So if you have any bright ideas let us know! We hope you enjoy these new garden products. Happy gardening!



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