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Haxnicks Releases New Range of Patio Planters

Written by Tildenet Marketing


Posted on 12 February 2010

It's still freezing outside, and Spring seems a thousand miles away but its time for a new range. However, it's time to get growing - and we would like to get some opinions from you our customers. This season Haxnicks has several new additions to its hugely popular Patio Planter range. There are now available from Garden Centres up and down the country and on our website. But we want to know what you think. We want to hear from you. Most Patio Planters come in a range of attractive rustic shades, and we are trying to brighten up the range when they are sitting outside the back door. But what colours do you like, should we try using patterns. Do you have a favourite? 

We making 3 Raised Bed planters - a full sized Patio Raised Bed, one special half-sized Balcony Raised Bed, and a quarter-sized Space Saver Raised Bed. No matter what space you have available to you, we are trying to ensure as many of our customers as possible can get their green fingers working! But are we missing a size? Is the depth right? Are they strong enough (they should be!)? Cane Support Patio Planters 


We also thought it might be fun to get some upwardly mobile growing going on on your patios, so we have introduce a Three Cane Patio Planter and a Six Cane Patio Planter, for all the peas, beans and tomatoes you could want. The Patio Planters have pockets in built that you can slot the canes into, giving a strong and easy to assemble feel to the product. But we would love to hear from you our customers. Are these flexible enough? can you grow all the plants you want to? is it strong enough? 

New_range_Haxnicks' Patio Planters

Finally, we thought the carrot deserved some recognition. So here is a carrot-coloured planter, with sufficient depth to grow your own delicious carrots. It is a generous 11" (30cm) deep which should be enough space for downward growth, we've tested, we experimented, but now we want your opinion? Deep enough, wrong colour? Please let us know. However tight you may be on space, there's now a way to grow a huge range of vegetables with minimum difficulty - and the patio will look great too. Please view the whole range of Haxnicks Patio Planters. Happy Planting!



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