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Grandpa Haxnicks says Make way for EasyPath

Written by Grandpa Haxnicks


Posted on 2 February 2015

February is a good time of year for you to take stock of what is in your sheds and greenhouses. To clear out the old and make way for the new. This is not a phrase that I am entirely comfortable with. However, it leads me on nicely to giving you news of something new from Haxnicks. I am very pleased to tell you that Haxnicks EasyPath is poised to appear in garden centres any minute now. 

Haxnicks EasyPath PE Wheelbarrow

It is a fold-out pathway that goes between rows of vegetables, herbs, flowers or strawberries so that you can work between the crops without having to use planks of wood and, what’s more, because it is made of a tough outer weed barrier with a strong internal structure it keeps the weeds at bay and can also be used to protect wet lawns from wellies and wheelbarrow traffic. It has a carry handle and loops along the edge to peg it down, and when you want to put it away it folds up neatly into a 30cmx30cm square. 

Haxnicks New Garden Products at GLEE

Grandpas are entitled to a little boasting aren't they? So I’ll also tell you that Haxnicks EasyPath won the 2014 New Product Award at GLEE trade show in September. It will soon be available at a garden centre near you and with various online retailers. Or you will be able to find it here on our website. There will be lots more exciting Haxnicks news to come and I will keep you in touch. I hope you enjoyed hearing from our new friend The Potty Gardener earlier this week, I’m just off to visit her and give some advice on seed potatoes…a 'chit'-chat if you like! Goodbye for now. Grandpa Haxnicks



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