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Haxnicks in Gardener's World Anniversary edition

Written by Tildenet Marketing


Posted on 24 February 2011

Gardener's World

We're very proud to note that Haxnicks products have received some fabulous coverage in the 20th Anniversary Edition of Gardener's World magazine. What we want to know is - what do you think?

Helen Riches, Lila Das Gupta and long term friend of Haxnicks Pippa Greenwood can all be seen in the Gardener's World, BBC's foremost gardening publication using Haxnicks products.

Helen Riches, award winning garden writer and garden designer, recommended covering with a cloche overnight to give germinating seeds a better chance in her article entitled 'Summer Pots from Seed'.

Lila Das Gupta also wrote an article about sowing Runner Beans and the benefits of using Rootrainers.

Pippa Greenwood meanwhile chose to recommend our Kitchen Garden Cloche for her article on protecting small groups of fruit and vegetables in their early stages and to extend their growing season. And scattered throughout as always, our Biodegradable Pots Naturally range. What can we say? Well, go out and buy Gardeners World Magazine and see for yourselves of course! Here's the list in full of products featured: 

And here for your added info is a list of links to Gardeners World Articles and BBC - enjoy! 

Now we want to hear from you. What did you think, have you seen our products in any magazines or TV shows? Look out for us, we have great links with gardening experts across England and Scotland and even Ireland. But don't forget we're a company that wants to produce the best quality garden care products we can and that means listening to your feedback. Please leave us a comment.




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