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The Potty Gardener and her Potted Christmas Tree

Written by Hannah Collis

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>Potted Christmas

I am extremely pleased with my potted tree! I can’t wait to bring it inside to be festooned with festive bits and baubles. This potted Christmas tree is on loan from Grandpa Haxnicks who is going away for Christmas. He says that he is travelling north and will not have time to decorate it. Perhaps the generous old man is more than he seems….he does have a white beard!

Nordman Fur Christmas Tree in a Haxnicks Patio Planter

Grandpa Haxnicks bought this Norway Spruce some years ago as a young 1ft potted tree and immediately transferred it to a Vigoroot planter in a bed of loam based compost to give it the best chance of survival. At 5ft it’s looking pretty healthy today.

My Christmas Tree Journey

Over the years I have had cheap drop-all-their-needles-in-5-minutes trees, expensive drop-all-their-needles-in-2-days trees, fake Christmas trees, and even flashing fibre optic trees, but they have all ended their days in the same place, at the local recycling centre. This potted tree however, has lasted several years. Hopefully, if I look after it, it will live to see another Christmas. 

Haxnicks' Vigoroot Helpful Hints

Being in a Vigoroot planter means that the roots of the tree get air-pruned preventing it from becoming pot-bound, like me. The special porous fabric also encourages more vigorous rooting. This allows the tree to absorb more nutrients and grow to a much larger size in a smaller place. So the Vigoroot planter is great for the Christmas tree, but also for me because it has handles and it’s lightweight, making it easily transportable.

Where to put it

A Potted Christmas tree will always be happier outside. When it does come in for decoration in its Christmas best then, if possible, put it somewhere cool such as by a window or in a hallway. Keep it watered, but be warned, Vigoroot pots are porous! The water might seep through the edges, so aim for the centre and don’t overdo it. It’s a good idea to place the pot on a tray or similar to catch any drips. Remember, look after your potted tree as you would yourself this Christmas… dress up in sparkly things, keep cool, drink regularly in a controlled manner, and get back out in the garden as soon as possible!



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