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The Magic of Vigoroot

Written by Hannah Collis


Posted on 23 April 2015

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The Potty Gardener with Vigoroot magic for Beginners

Without any April showers I hope that you are not forgetting to look after any plants in pots. It is important to make sure that they get enough water to reach their roots. Be careful not to fill your boots as I did posing for my photo! I have been told to pay particular attention to watering my recently potted herbs. They are growing outside the back door in a Vigoroot herb planter. Plants in Vigoroot pots need more water to support their vigorous growth. According to Grandpa Haxnicks, Jack started off his beanstalk in a Vigoroot pot. Apparently the healthy strong roots and abundant growth of his beanstalk were a direct result of growing it in a pot made of a fabulous felty fabric called Vigoroot. Hmmmm Whilst I do have my doubts about the truth of some of this tale (Grandpa Haxnicks does have a rather long nose), I do believe, as do many green fingered, (short nosed) scientists that growing plants in a pot made of a porous fabric like Vigoroot gives you stronger, healthier plants. 

Haxnicks Normal Vigoroot Plant Pot
Haxnicks Vigoroot Plant Pot

Air Pruning

What happens in these pots is a process called 'air pruning'. As I understand it 'air pruning' is not, as I first suspected, the gardener's equivalent to air guitar. But rather a clever process that changes the way the roots form, giving healthier, more vigorous roots. They won't grow too long or result in a 'pot bound' plant. So what you get is a larger, healthier potted plant. 

Haxnicks Vigoroot Pot

Vigoroot Herb Planter Call it magic, or call it science but I thought it best to try Vigoroot for myself. I was not over keen to grow a giant bean with a resident hungry giant at the top, ( I already have enough resident hungry giants...3 teen-aged children ) and instead opted for some handy herbs to keep outside the kitchen door in a Vigoroot herb planter. You can find out lots more about the magic of Vigoroot and many more Vigoroot products on the website. Let me know if you decide to grow in Vigoroot pots too, especially if it's a giant beanstalk!



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