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Start them gardening young!

Written by Tildenet Marketing


Posted on 10 April 2013

My Child's First Patio Planter from Haxnicks

Haxnicks My First Vegetable Garden/Sandpit is an ideal educational product for getting children into gardening. Growing their own plants from an early age is fun and hopefully something they can take with them into later life. This brightly coloured 75cm square patio planter will make gardening easy for them. It will allow children to grow their favourite herbs and vegetables. It creates an ideal growing environment for small plants that the children can tend themselves. It's their very own child-sized raised bed so they can reach in to tend it without trampling their crops. They get to practice digging, sowing, planting, watering.

Gardening Education

It is a great thing for kids to understand where their food comes from. Many children are now aware of climate change and food miles. Consequently they are likely to be eager to get involved and grow their own food

What to Grow

Why not try radishes? They really are a great starter vegetable for kids. They are easy to grow and are ready for eating within a month of sowing. So no need for lots of patience. Courgettes are also easy to grow too. The best things to grow are the things they like to eat. So try something like strawberries, small bush tomatoes, carrots, lettuces or even some fun cucamelons. Chances are that a lot of the harvested crops will not even make it into the kitchen! Children will love having their very own "garden" to tend.

Kids love the Haxnicks My First Patio Planter/Sandpit 



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