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Slugs & snails and pints of ale!

Written by Sarah Talbot


Posted on 30 May 2018

As a gardener, I’m guessing that missing National Snail Day last week on the 24th May is not the biggest problem you have with snails. Same here!

My house was empty for 2 years before I moved in. This meant the garden was like an ‘all you can eat’ buffet for our unchecked slimy friends. Seems like the slugs in particular have thrived to Jurassic Park like proportions.

I have started to remove them to the other side of the garden where they can munch as much ground elder as they like. (Why is it they don’t touch that??) As much as this seems a good idea I have learnt that common garden snails have a top speed of 45 metres an hour. This might make the snail one of the slowest creatures on Earth but still means they can be back on my lettuce before nightfall. Sigh.

If I had time, space and a good flashlight then I would happily remove them physically. However, I have neighbours on all sides who would not appreciate my gastropod cast offs. Therefore, a trap of some sort is needed. I also have 2 children, a cat and regard for the planet so slug pellets are not an option.

The Slug-Buster (also bad news for snails!)

I am far too much of a wuss to be sprinkling salt on them so enter The Haxnicks Slug-Buster. 

Haxnicks Plant Protection Kits

Whilst salt seems cruel, drowning in a pool of something you find delicious seems a better way to go. Despite the name The Slug-Buster is equally good at getting rid of snails. It was super easy to set up. I just dug a hole to partially bury it, opened a beer, poured it in and popped the lid on. Then I waited for the slugs and snails to come (not a long wait in my over-populated garden!)

Haxnicks Slug Buster with  our Oxford Patio Planters

Slug-Buster keeping guard over my mixed leaves

It might be too late for my bean plants but the Slug-Buster has so far proved phenomenal in keeping my rocket and my young juicy lettuce safe. Now I can make the Veg Society's Pasta with Rocket and Chilli recipe that I have had my eye on. It's all about the eating! To get yours click here Slug-Buster



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