The Self Watering Tower Garden is self watering. That's right! Self watering! 

Haxnicks Self Watering Tower Garden water reservoir

It does what it says on the tin, or would do if it came in a tin. But why is this important when actually, plants love water and I quite like watering them too? Don’t know about you, but for me it’s a calming activity during which I contemplate life, the universe and beyond. This watering zen is the ‘ideal’ though and some weeks the ‘ideal’ is as rare as a blue rose. The plants will survive my inattention. The rub is that not only do plants love water but more than this they like regular water. Otherwise it can have a drastic effect on their output. Who hasn’t taken their eye off the ball and ended up with split tomatoes? Cue the Haxnicks Self Watering Tower Garden . So on those weeks when the cat needs the vet, the kids need new shoes and the fridge definitely needs a clean out the ingenious wick is doing what you can’t and keeping your plants happy and healthy. No more coming back to dejected looking plants and a guilty conscience. Problem solved.

Haxnicks Self Watering Tower Garden with Vigoroot pots

Self Watering Tower Garden with Vigoroot pots

My Tower Garden is in its second year and the Vigoroot pots can be washed at the end of the season and stored flat by the organised gardener. I am not an organised gardener though (must have been one of those weeks) so I had just emptied them and stored in the shed. A quick brush off left them looking as good as new though and I was able to start planting. Not only does it solve your watering issues but it also allows you to grow a staggering amount of plants in a very small area. My garden is large but with building work about to start most of it is off limits for this season. The 3 layers allow me to have 12 x 5L pots in a tiny space. Each layer has 4 Vigoroot pots which air-prune the roots to give healthier plants with better roots that lead to higher yields. 

Three Layers:

Haxnicks Self Watering Tower Garden with strawberries, herbs and tomatoes

Fully planted!

I won't even have to worry about watering when I go away for a week's holiday in summer which is a bonus. All that is left to do now is to make sure that the water reservoirs are full once a week and then and wait to pick my very first crop. Might just have to plan a nice bruschetta recipe for all those glorious tomatoes...

Sarah Talbot