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Product Bite: Sunbubble - the innovative pop up greenhouse

Written by Nicola Wallis

What is the Sunbubble?   

Sunbubble is a stylish, original dome shaped plant house, which can be used as a ‘seasonal’ greenhouse, conservatory or as frost protection for your plants.

The Sunbubble is Made from UV stabilised PVC and flexible fibreglass rods and can be put up or taken down within seconds.

What crop is the Sunbubble for?

The Sunbubble creates a warm environment for your plants, warming quicker than traditional greenhouses and it isn't just for your tomatoes, you can grow everything you would normally grow in a greenhouse including a wider range of exotic plants.

Where can I use the Sunbubble?

The Sunbubble can be used anywhere you wish. It is super versatile and can be easily put up or taken down. If the area is particularly exposed or windy then extra precautions will be needed to secure the Sunbubble but these are easily done. 

What is so special about the Sunbubble?

The Sunbubble has a unique one-piece folding design and gives all the advantages of a greenhouse and so much more. It warms up quicker than a

greenhouse and can be put up, moved or taken down quickly and easily making it perfect for small gardens, rented properties or anyone who doesn’t want a permanent structure in their garden.

The curved shape of the Sunbubble means that the surface stays at 90° to the direction of the sun all day long, achieving minimum reflection and maximum penetration of light. This has a dramatic effect on the plants as it creates the optimum growing environment.

Growing seasons can be greatly extended, and all manner of exotic and exciting plants can be grown.

Sunbubble is so much more than a greenhouse! it can also be used as a pop-up conservatory. When the sun is shining but it's a little chilly to sit outside pop up the Sunbubble and relax under the warming dome. It can be used for outdoor dining, a safe area for your children to play in the garden or the ultimate chill-out pod.

Sunbubble can be put up with ease and taken down quickly due to its unique folding design for safekeeping in its sturdy storage bag.

This versatile garden shelter is available in two sizes: Standard (2.8m x 2m) and Large (3.5m x 2.2m)

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