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The Potty gardener growing peas in containers

Written by Hannah Collis


Posted on 25 February 2016

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Last month Grandpa Haxnicks gave me 3 tips for growing peas in containers for an early as possible crop...




So I got hold of some Rootrainers, wrapped up warm, and gave myself a hug. So far so good, my peas are doing well! 

Peas growing in Haxnicks Rootrainers

I chose an early variety of pea suitable for container growing. Douce Provence claims to be sweet and compact, growing to approximately 60cm tall. Just my sort of pea. I sowed the first peas half a finger deep in Deep Rootrainers about 6 weeks ago and since then have made two other fortnightly sowings for a longer cropping season. Thanks to the cosy environment of my Sunbubble, an unusual amount of sunshine and of course tender, loving care from me, the peas are now healthy looking plants. 

Healthy Pea Roots in Haxnicks Rootrainers

It is not surprising that they are looking so good on top when you see what a super root system they have formed in the Rootrainers. As you can see the Rootrainer cells open up like a book making them easy to plant without disturbing the roots. 

Haxnicks Pea Bean Patio Planter

This morning, I found last year's pea and bean patio planter in the darkest most spidery corner of my garden shed and filled it up with a good multi purpose compost ready to accommodate the first pea plugs . With 1m bamboo canes and some Soft-Tie I built a tepee for the Pea and Bean Patio Planter. There are some helpful little cane support pockets on the outside which keep the support canes in place. The peas are now happily bedded in and hopefully ready to climb towards fruition. It is such a sunny day that I'm leaving them out to get used to the big wide world. They can adjust to outside temperatures, but I will be sure to tuck them up again tonight. Perhaps with a bedtime story. There is one about a fussy Princess that I think they will enjoy). Rootrainers, warmth and love...easy peasy!



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