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Microgreens to counteract those cream teas!

Written by Sarah Talbot


Posted on 16 November 2020

Microgreens could be the answer... For me being outside is my ultimate pleasure. Of course I don't actually want to live outside twenty four hours a day, I just love the freshness and contrast. I love doing all the outdoor jobs, the garden and the animals, I love walking, biking, exploring......

During these lockdown days this can be hard. After tidying up the garden and putting it to bed for the winter, gardeners tend to have a few months off. It’s a good time for outdoor walks through the countryside or even the city.  Followed by a pub lunch or a cream tea.


So this is my lockdown plan: I can still go for walks, which I will do, nevertheless I will have to make my own scones for a cream tea.

This means that I will have to counteract all those calories.  So I am going to grow my very own super healthy microgreens. Haxnicks supply reusable Microgreens Growing Mats made from coir fibre.  And also, environmentally friendly bamboo seed trays to put them in. No soil required! 

The microgreen seeds are available from most good seed suppliers. Microgreens are seeds such as beetroot, sunflower, broccoli, cabbage, rocket and others. In a seed packets there are thousands of seeds, you can probably put about 300-400 in a tray. Don’t forget to water.

They will be ready for harvesting between two to four weeks after sowing, depending on the heat and light that the seeds are exposed to. The idea is that you eat them when they are very small - about 2-4 inches tall, as this is when they contain up to forty times more nutrients than their mature counterparts. 

 So if you have an empty warm windowsill, or a green house that maintains its heat, why not give this edible healthy indoor gardening a go this lockdown. It’s very rewarding to have a crop only two or three weeks after sowing.  Plus you can do it again and again and again!







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