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Madeleine's Garden - Borders and Onions

Written by Madeleine Cardozo


Posted on 27 February 2018

The weather has been so inviting over the past few days with lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures. So, I have been busy outside generally tidying up the garden and building site.

Our house was ‘finished’ last year. Well we call it finished but of course there is an everlasting list of continuing jobs. This means that I can now start with a bit of landscaping and making of borders. I am planning to make borders all the way around the house. Some parts gravel and some parts climbing roses, wisteria, a self-fertile kiwi tree, bulbs. Plus other things that I haven’t yet chosen obviously!

It would be fun to have a theme perhaps, an Italian or French corner or maybe all white and pink. We’ll see... Let me know if you have any good ideas. 

Garden Borders and what needs doing from Haxnicks
Empty Flower Beds at Haxnicks Garden

A small update on my tomato seedlings, they have just started to grow their real leaves although they are still tiny weeny – 2cm high, which is lucky as there is so much more cold weather to come and they love the warmth of my windowsill. 

Growing Young Plants for Haxnicks Garden

The sweet peas are getting taller I think that next week I will pinch off the tops so that more stems grow from the bottom making bushier plants, therefore, more prolific in flowers. 

Young plants on window sill in Haxnicks Rootrainers

I had a rummage in my seed packet drawer and came to the conclusion that I had no more seeds to plant at the moment except for my onion sets. I couldn’t resist and today I planted them and then covered them with fleece tunnels.

Onion sets planted at about 10cm apart. Fleece tunnels to keep the ground warmer. I have placed the onion rows to the outsides of the bed as they act as an insect repellent later on when I have rows of carrots and salads in between.



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