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Madeleine's Corner: Picking Courgettes, Herbs and Raspberries

Written by Sarah Talbot


Posted on 27 July 2011

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This week my courgettes have started to enter our lives – the time has come for picking courgettes. They are ready to be picked when they are small 10cm (4”) as baby courgettes or as large as 30cm (12”). I normally go for something in between.

There are so many different ways of eating courgettes, I shall include a new recipe in an adjacent article. If you are like me and have planted nasturtiums as a companion plant in your vegetable patch, did you realise that you can eat the flower in a salad, or add them to a bacon sandwich to give them a fiery taste?

Herbs need trimming, whether it is a perennial like rosemary or an annual like basil. So if you are not trimming them to eat, you should trim them so that they don’t grow leggy and start to flower. Trimming them will encourage a better bushier plant.

Autumn fruiting varieties of raspberries will now be beginning to fruit, don’t let the birds get them, either place a net over them or get some birdscare ribbon. I find that the ribbon works for me; others may need something a little more in the way of a fruit cage.




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