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Haxnicks Helping Schools update: Naas CBS and 'Vegetation Nation'

Written by Tildenet Marketing


Posted on 20 January 2011

Its not often we hear from school pupils. But, before Christmas we were contacted by a schoolboy by the name of Seán Grassick from Naas CBS in County Kildare, Ireland. He explained that as part of his Business Studies course he would be setting up his own company. He explained that he needed to purchase products in exactly the same way as any normal business would, to gain the full experience of the buying and selling process. We jumped at the chance to help him out. This was because not only have we always had a history of helping schools and societies, but also because of Seán's enthusiasm for his project. Not to mention his shrewd bargaining skills! We managed to settle on a really good deal so that he could buy our planters at a very low cost. he would then sell them as part of a 'grow your own' pack that included other manufacturer's products too. We also provided product information and images to use in his company's promotional leaflets.

At the start of the year Seán sent me an email to let me know what had happened since we sent him the goods...

Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought online
Haxnicks Garden Products can be brought online

"Just to update you on our mini-company Vegetation Nation. When we bought the patio planters off yourselves, we packaged them ourselves with five packets of vegetable seeds. Different seeds for the different size planters). A guide book and plant labels. We then sold them at the local country market, run by country women, on the 17th of December. They were very well received and we sold 32 planter kits. We have now currently sold 46 planters out of 60. We have a very large demand for seed potatoes with the planters. So we have taken this on board and are planning on making improvements to our product for sale in February."

If you live in Ireland and would like to order any planter packs from Seán and his fellow school pupils then get in touch with them:

We will be helping Seán again in the future. We'll let you all know of any exciting developments. I for one will be keen to know what grade the project gets.

If it's not an A* then I'll phone the headteacher!

by Robbie (Marketing and PR guy)



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