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You say Zucchini, I say Courgettes!

Written by Hannah Collis


Posted on 8 June 2016

Haxnicks Garden Products Zucchini

Both myself and my potted plants have been travelling, but in completely different directions. Most of the contents of my Sunbubble took an exciting trip to London. Zucchini, beans, peas, tomatoes, herbs and lettuces, were chauffeur driven to the Chelsea Flower show in their Sunday best (Vigoroot pots) to take part in a fabulous display. 

Growing Zucchini Courgettes in Haxnicks' Sunbubble

I was particularly proud of the courgette plants that were not only in full flower, but managed to produce some fully fledged veg just in time for the first day of the show. With 3 plants growing in one small pot I thought that this was fairly impressive and a great demonstration of the magic of growing in Vigoroot 

Growing Climbing Plants and Courgettes with Haxnicks

And on the Other side of the Pond...

Meanwhile, I was far away in Chicago where the sun shines brightly. Out in the suburbs gardeners are mad for mulch at this time of year. They use it to lock moisture into the soil before the intense heat of July and August and to keep weeds at bay. There were lots of funky self-watering systems in action. Helping to keep the front lawns in immaculate condition and unsuspecting passers-by refreshed! I was keen to share my potty enthusiasm for home grown edibles with all. With an English accent on my side people seemed happy to listen, but not necessarily understand! Tomaytoes, tomatoes, potaytoes, potartoes….no problem. But rocket, coriander and courgettes become arugula, cilantro and zuchinni- much more exciting names! 

Growing Runner Beans in Haxnicks Sunbubble

It is always exciting for me to come back to my garden after being away from home. But more so this time of the year when a week of good weather has given everything a mighty boost. With peas swelling in their pods, beans flowering in the Sunbubble and the first tomato fruits beginning to blush, my early potted veg is nearly ready for a first tasting. Inspired by my trip to the states I am planning on a zucchini and arugula soup….yeehaaah!



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